Day of Action Oct '09 - Report

posted 28 Sep 2009, 11:04 by Andy Platt   [ updated 27 Feb 2010, 13:00 by Keith Brindle ]
Our last day of action for 2009 on Saturday 10th Oct was a great success. Here's the report Frome Times published:

Groups work together in Autumn clean-up


A bright Saturday morning last week saw over 70 Frome residents out in force tackling built-up litter in areas across town. Co-operation was the key as young and old from 4 community groups worked together, cleaning 12 sites across Frome, including the Mount, Stonebridge, Ellworthy estate and the Frome River.



The hard-working teams included members of HOPEFrome, Friends of the River Frome, 10th Frome Scouts and the Canoe Club, all of whom met up in the town centre afterwards to eat lunch and share stories. All commented on how much they enjoyed the task, including the Scouts, who were working towards their ‘Community Challenge’ badge by tidying the old Cheese Show Field. Young litter-pickers Joseph (7) and Bo (5) were proud of their haul in the Adderwell region – a bike frame and wooden armchair, as well as numerous drink bottles. Simon Povey, 21, a member of one of the many churches that work together under the HOPEFrome name, also tackled the area around the Mount. He said ‘Our street cleaner does a good job of keeping the streets clear, but it’s so satisfying to get rid of the built-up piles of things that have been dumped in ditches and corners – I’ve been inspired to come out and do this more often, as it really makes a difference to the look and safety of an area.’