HOPEFrome in 2010

posted 11 Jan 2010, 13:52 by Keith Brindle   [ updated 11 Jan 2010, 14:05 ]
It was unanimously decided at our last meeting of 2009 that HOPEFrome would definitely continue for another year. Recognising what has worked well, and the areas of the community we have been most helpful to, we will continue our regular commitments, working to build numbers and expertise for these. We felt our contributions to the World Food Feast, Frome Carnival and the bi-annual litter picks were worth repeating - we are unique in the town in having such a scope for finding willing volunteers to help out at these events. The HOPE van project continues to grow, and is recognised and welcomed by Frome's late night pub and club clients.
Anna Brindle will carry on as co-ordinator for another 6 months from the February handover, as it was felt that changing after a year was too soon.
The achievements of HOPE08/ HOPEFrome will be celebrated and volunteers thanked at a HOPEFrome party on Friday 5th Feb - anyone who has been a part of anything HOPE is invited to join us!