HOPEFrome Party

The first ever HOPEFrome party on Feb 5th was a chance for volunteers from all churches to get together, celebrate our achievements last year, and build on friendships that have developed through working together.
With food (thanks Anna BV and Gwyneth), drinks, quiz, games and jelly babies (in honour of the Coffee Van ), there was a great atmosphere and real sense of enjoying each other's company.

We also coloured in the hours we'd spent volunteering in 2009 on an enormous chart across the floor.
1113 hours!!
And that's with a lot of people unable to make it to the party. A few individuals count for more than a hundred hours each, so special thanks to them, but awards for volunteers of the year went to Gary Lee, for sorting out all the rotas and organisation of the coffee van, and Andrew Earle for hours of driving his caravan around in the middle of the night. Thanks.

Chubby Bunnies - officially banned in youthwork circles, but still fun for respectable grown adults!